Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yoho National Park

   Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, although very beautiful, are not a match for the scenery found in Yoho, Banff and Jasper – massive glaciers, clear turquoise lakes, thundering waterfalls and jagged peaks. A fair number of the attractions in Yoho are easy to access from the main highway and many are wheelchair accessible. We traveled from west to east and made these stops along the way.

  Wapata Falls is not accessible so we skipped it.

  The river at Natural Bridge roars through a split in the rock.The overlook is accessible. The parking lot has room for RVs
  Emerald Lake features a beautiful trail that circles the lake.The trail is paved for a short distance then it becomes hard parked dirt. Wheelchair users must turn around at the midway point when the trail narrows and become swampy. The parking lot has long RV spaces.
   Takakkaw Falls has paved, slightly uphill trail to falls. It’s a bit rough at bridge but doable. The road to the falls has a couple of very tight turns. It may be necessary to back up to make the bends if you’re driving a vehicle longer than 20 feet. RVs may not be permitted on this road in the summer busy season.There’s room for RVs in parking lot.
  We stayed at Kicking Horse Campground. The sites under the trees are all fairly short and longer spaces are located in an open field. The sites designated as accessible have extended table tops. They’re closer to the restroom but do not have an accessible path. The building is a covered cooking shelter.
  Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint – It’s hard to get a grasp of how the train tracks make two complete loops, especially since the loops are in the tunnels, but the panels at the viewpoint do a good job of explaining it. The viewpoint and signs are accessible. The parking lot has RV spaces.  Park
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  1. Had not heard of Yoho....will put that on our list of things to do when we get up there too!

    1. If you go through the Canadian National Parks on your way to Alaska you will probably hit either Yoho or Kootenay but not both. We missed Kootenay so I can't tell you anything about it but Yoho was worth the trip!

  2. Hi, never been there but WOW. Looks like a place we like to go to Travel safe

    1. Photos don't do it justice. Hope you make there someday!