Friday, February 13, 2015

The Steps Boondocking

   This spot is right off of Hwy 95 and very easy to access. It’s also a popular riding area for OTVs. Other than that it’s just a stretch of semi-flat desert land located under high voltage lines, not somewhere to spend a lot of time but good for an overnight stop. Most of the public land in this area is BLM but this section is state trust land and a permit is required. The permit can not be downloaded so we took our chances and stayed without one.

  The view from Google maps raises a lot of questions. What are the steps? Why? And who? I can’t find the answers anywhere but speculation is that it’s the site of a never opened RV park or maybe a surface mine but it doesn’t really look like one.
  There’s plenty of room for any size RV but the most level spots are close to Hwy 95.
  34.33766, -114.13724


  1. Hi! I just found your blog! I have MS and I have recently started blogging about our RV travels. Your site has SO MUCH GOOD INFORMATION! I have subscribed to it via email, plus I am listing it on my blog as a blog I follow! Safe travels, Robin

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Robin! I'm putting your blog on my list. I love the pictures of you at the beach!

    Let me know if you go to any of the sites that I've reviewed and find that access is different for you with your scooter than it is for me in my manual chair.

  3. Enjoy the warm weather in Arizona,it looks great.
    We miss the trailer but it will have to wait till June.
    Best regards