Monday, February 9, 2015

The Camel Farm

  I’m not quite sure how to describe this place. It’s kind of a cross between a small zoo and a petting zoo. I think that it’s a camel breeding farm but they have many other animals too – donkeys, goats, sheep, a wallaroo, cattle, a tortoise, an ostrich, many types of birds and what looks like a zebra/horse hybrid. The enclosures could be better but they seem adequate and the animals all look healthy. Most of the animals are very friendly and will eat out of your hand. A cup of food pellets costs a dollar. Visitors do not enter the enclosures but by walking the paths it’s possible to get close to almost all of the animals.
  The ground is hard packed dirt so, for the most part, rolling is easy but wheelchairs will get stuck where the dirt is loose. Getting close enough to pet and feed the animals is fairly easy.

  The parking lot is not very large but most RVs will fit.  Farm
  32.59889, -114.61687

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