Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

  Since it’s founding in 1863 Wickenburg, Arizona has been many things – a Native American planting ground, a gold mining town, a farming town, a cattle ranching town, a dude ranch town, and finally a tourist and retirement community. This little museum covers the history very well and also has several galleries with changing exhibits of beautiful western art. (no photography allowed)

  The museum is accessible but the doors are a bit heavy. An elevator accesses the basement level. One of the exhibits has blocks of wood covering the identifying information for the artifacts. Most of the blocks can not be reached from a seated position.  An addition to the museum, Cultural Crossroads Learning Center, which has more exhibits is located just behind the museum and can be accessed by taking the sidewalk to the alley and following that to the northwest side of the building where an accessible entrance is located.

  Several accessible parking spaces suitable for cars or vans are located in front of the museum on Frontier Street. RVs can be parked in the gravel lot on Frontier Street southeast of the museum. The sidewalks and curb cuts are in good condition. The sidewalk is missing for short bit requiring rolling along the street which has little traffic.   Museum
33.96857, -112.73092

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