Thursday, September 25, 2014

Norman Rockwell Museum

  In 1973 Norman Rockwell gave 367 pieces of his artwork in trust to the museum. The collection includes many of his most famous paintings plus preliminary sketches and studies. His studio, which was located in the backyard of his home in Stockbridge, Mass, has been moved to the museum grounds and is open to tour.  All 323 Saturday Evening Post covers that Rockwell illustrated are on display on the lower floor of the museum.
   The museum is accessible but very plush carpeting makes pushing around a bit tiring. The path to the studio is paved. The studio is accessible.
The parking lot is large enough for RVs. Museum
42.28845, -73.3376


  1. Whoa! you guys are really laying down the rubber!!!

  2. I'm way behind on the posts. We're halfway through Pennsylvania. Dentist appointments on Monday - yuck! :-D

  3. Wanted to say welcome back to the US, but having a few computer issues. So a belated welcome. You sure had a great trip north of the border. And seem to be heading south at a rapid pace. Safe travels

    1. Thanks for the welcome back. We really enjoyed our trip to Canada but it nice to be back here where the gas is cheaper!

      We have to get all of our once-a-year checkups out of the way then we're heading to Arizona, on the slow road, I hope.