Thursday, November 7, 2019

No Man's Land Regional Park

  There aren’t any designated camping spots in this small community park. Either of the two parking lots are okay and we also saw a fifth wheel parked in the grass by the baseball diamond.

The park has a dump station and potable water, a skateboard park, picnic tables, restrooms, and picnic tables.

   The parking lots are large enough for any RV. Park  36.67618, -101.46932


  1. Where you folks heading?
    We just arrived in the Santa Cruz area & rented a spot for a couple of weeks. I have a son/grandkids in the area and my wife's brother lives not too far away. Plus it's a nice place!

    1. I'm so far behind on the blog! We're in Quartzsite but heading north to Parker (not the van build) for a few days then meandering to Davis CA for Thanksgiving at our nephews.
      Are you coming to the RTR?

    2. We will be heading to Florida after Christmas so we'll probably miss it.

    3. If you come through Quartzsite stop and see us. We'll probably be hanging out with Beth somewhere down by the river.

    4. In a van, down by the river! Got it! :-)