Monday, November 25, 2019

Ruins of the Cerro Gordo Smelter

   In 1865 silver ore was discovered at Cerro Gordo by Pablo Flores. Over the years millions of dollars worth of minerals were carted down the mountain to the smelters on the shore of Lake Owens. The ingots produced by the smelters were then shipped to Los Angles which helped the young city’s growth. An eight miles drive on narrow, winding, steep dirt road leads to the small ghost town. Four wheel drive is recommended. The town is privately owned and tours can be arranged by calling ahead.

   We did not attempt the drive to Cerro Gordo by we did try to get a closer look at the smelter ruins. The road we chose had a steep washout so we didn’t succeed but it may be possible to drive to ruins by using Cero Gordo Street.

   The pull off, which has a sign about the history, is large enough for RVs. Cerro Gordo  36.4866, -117.8665

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