Sunday, May 19, 2019

Orland Buttes Campground

  There are two campgrounds at Black Butte Lake- Orland Buttes and Buckhorn. Orland Buttes seemed like the lower usage one so we went there. None of the sites are designated as accessible plus the campground is hilly and many of the sites are not level. Since we had our choice of sites we picked #18 which has a wonderful view. The parking pad is narrow and isn’t flush with the ground but the site itself which is level and hard packed is pretty accessible. The sites are close together with no privacy.
   Before we left the park we drove to Buckhorn Campground to check it out. Buckhorn sits at lake level on flatter ground so even though it doesn't have any designated accessible sites many of them are usable. Most of the sites are nice but 66 – 92 are awful –  side by side spaces in an asphalt lot without picnic tables or trees for shade.

   The park has five hiking trails. The Paul Thomas Trail is the only one that can be accessed from Orlando Bluffs. The trail is about a mile out and back and goes to an overlook of the lake. It’s hilly and rough on spots so it’s not accessible. Campgrounds  39.77325, -122.35532



  1. Nice pictures! The hills are still green, the scattered oaks, just nice!
    I looked at the map (lat-long) and saw Red Bluff, I remember trying to hitchhike out of there the summer of '71. It took all day to get a ride...

    1. It's a pretty place. I have a feeling that it gets really busy in the summer.

      Don't see many hitchhikers anymore. We picked up a few back in the old days. Took a couple of kids up the California coast once time. They stayed with us overnight because we go so slowly. :-D