Monday, July 2, 2018

American Museum of Magic


  The two floors of the museum are filled with traveling magic shows posters and flyers plus a smattering of artifacts. There are very few human interest stories which is what makes a museum of this size good. The admission fee is fairly low but it’s really not worth a visit unless you are into magic big time.


  The sidewalk at the entrance slopes up and the door opens out making entering difficult. The second floor has steps and there isn’t any elevator. A slide show of the second floor displays runs continuously.

  Parking is on the street. Most of the curb cuts are in good condition.

  Sorry about the poor photographs. I took them with a cheap little camera. The lens on my good camera jammed and all of the tricks suggested on the internet did not work. Since the camera is old taking it to be repaired didn’t make sense so I decided to take it apart myself – thanks YouTube! All went well until I tried to reassemble it and while attempting to insert a cable under a tab I broke the tab and the connections to the circuit board. New camera and better photos in a few days!


Museum  42.27214, -84.95835



  1. Oh gosh, bye-bye camera! Hello, new camera! How's the weather in Michigan?

    1. Hot, hot, hot! I see that you, like most of the country, are experiencing the heat too.

      It's been a good while since we spent time in this part of the country and we're enjoying it. The temperature has been fluctuating between nice and too hot so we have to fit in our outside days by the weather forecast.

  2. Much of the country is on the "broil" setting. Here's looking forward to autumn!

    1. We got a nice break over the weekend, hot today but should be cool again tomorrow. Of course we think 85 is cool now! :-D