Saturday, June 2, 2018

Shadowrock Park


    It’s always good to have a backup plan. We had planned on camping at River Run, a Corp of Engineer campground, but found the entry road closed off because all of the sites were underwater! A little playing around with my photo program and we had a nice but wet site. :-D  Actually we stayed high and dry, camped at the little country park conveniently located across the road on the high bank of the river. The park has set their rates the same as the COE and they even give a 50% discount (except for the sites with sewer hookups) for Access and Senior passes which is unusual.


   Shadowrock Rock has three types of sites. The sites along the river have concrete parking pads, water, and electricity and are very close together. Eight have sewer hookups. Sites in the next row are under the trees with water and electricity, gravel to park on and a little more room. The tent sites are the nicest - in the grass and under the trees with a lot of room between the sites. 


   None of the sites are accessible but most can be used.  Campground  36.68355, -93.10356



  1. Showed Marcia and she goes "UGHHHH!", until I told her you photoshopped it. It was a convincing pic, until you look for the reflection in the water of the motorhome...

    1. I didn't want to make it too realistic and get everyone worried! ;-)

  2. Oh no! was my thought when I first saw the picture.