Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Indiana Historical Society


  The Historical Society has been collecting and preserving manuscripts, maps, sheet music, and other types of print material since 1830. It’s all in the library and available to visitors who want to research a specific topic. The building also houses a museum of sorts. There are a few exhibits but the main attraction is the Indiana Experience which features scenes from Indiana’s history.  Each room has been furnished to a different time period and actors portrays actual people of the time. Visitors are free to ask questions. The scenes change for time to time. We experienced a night club from the 1940s, a chapel built by Italian  prisoners of war at Camp Atterbury, and the parlor of a family with a son fighting for the Union in the Civil War.

       IMG_2633IMG_2636          IMG_2637

   The actors are all great but the room d├ęcor is skimpy - just the barest minimum to set the scene. We were also disappointed that there were only three rooms. It’s an interesting concept but could be much better.

  The museum is accessible.

   A pay parking lot is located adjacent to the museum. Parking is free with admission - get the ticket stamped at the admissions desk. Small RVs will fit if pulled through two spaces. Larger RVs can be parked on New York Street.  Museum  39.77081, -86.16599


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