Saturday, June 30, 2018

Binder Park Zoo


  Fewer than 100 of the park’s 405 acres have been developed as a traditional zoo. The rest is mature forest, fields, and wetlands which gives the zoo a natural look and provides plenty of shade. We really enjoyed our visit especially the savanna where zebras, waterbucks, bonteboks, ostriches, addaxes, gazelles, storks, vultures, and giraffes roam over a large grassland. Most of the animals have hideouts in their enclosures – great for the animals but visitors may miss seeing some of them. Feeding the giraffes is a favorite activity and it serves to bring them close to the pathway.

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  The zoo is accessible but due to hills and rough terrain most wheelchair users will need assistance. The zoo has two sections that are about 1/2 mile apart. The first section has small mammals and a children’s zoo. The second section has the savanna and big cats. An accessible tram runs between the two. There is also a steep uphill path if you chose to walk. The path of the second section goes downhill and then back up to complete a 3/4 mile loop. The paths in the park have every type of surface – paver brick, boardwalk, packed dirt, loose sand, gravel, and asphalt. Most are bumpy.


   The parking lots are large with plenty of room for any RV.  Zoo  42.24516, -85.15535


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