Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden


  Another inspired and inspiring artist! Pearl Fryar has transformed the three acres surrounding his home into a living sculpture garden. When he started in 1981 the land was a corn field. Many of the trees and bushes now trimmed and sculpted were rescued from nursery compost piles. Pearl works on the garden almost every day and enjoys talking with visitors so you may be lucky and get a guided tour.




  The ground is fairly hard but there aren't any paths so most wheelchair users will need assistance. Several neighbors have trimmed their bushes and trees and it’s possible to view their yards from the road.


  Parking is in a grassy lot across the street from the garden. Any size RV will fit. The street dead ends in a large turn around.  Garden    34.20799, -80.2728

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