Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Museum of the Confederacy

  ( I forgot my camera so the photos are from the museum website)

   The Museum of the Confederacy is one part of The American Civil War Museum which includes two more sites in Richmond and one in Appomattox. We visited the Museum of the Confederacy only.  As to be expected from the name this museum is about the Confederacy with very little information about the Union or slavery. The main floor exhibits give details of the major battles with many personal items including some donated by Robert E Lee’s and Jeb Stuart’s families. The lower floor exhibits center around the lives of southern plantation families during the war and the upper floor displays Confederate battle flags with information on the controversy about the use of the flags in modern times. 
  The museum is accessible. The White House where Jefferson Davis and his family lived during the Civil War, which is located next to the museum, has many steps and is not accessible so we did not visit it.

  Free parking is available on VCU Medical Center Visitors Deck of the parking garage on 12th Street. There is very little parking elsewhere, especially during the week, so if have an RV visit on the weekend where street parking is more available. We visited on a Sunday and parked on 9th Street where we found plenty of spaces - free on the weekends. The sidewalks and curb cuts are in fairly good condition.  Museum  37.54071, -77.42939

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