Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Lake Casino


  Follow the signs for RV parking. The parking lot, which is large and paved, has numbered RV spaces. Some are long pull through, others are short back in. A stay of three days is permitted but you must get a player’s card and sign in at the hotel desk. The player’s club is in the tent-like structure and the hotel desk is in the casino building. More days may be added if you gamble using your player’s card. There’s also a free dump station with potable water. Take your player’s card and camping permit to the gas station to get a key for the water.


  The casino has easy to move chairs. The machines are half newer with easy to reach money and card slots and half older with high slots.  Casino   40.8833, -123.99907



  1. Poor Tony has to be in by 10 pm? (lol)

  2. Yeah, we don't want him to get in trouble! :-D

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