Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bastendorff Beach Road Boondocking


   BLM land is scarce along the Oregon coast so this campsite is unusual. It’s a large, flat (but badly potholed), sandy lot with nice views and the beach is just a short walk away through the dunes. It does have problems though. So many people were ignoring the 14 day limit plus leaving trash in the walk-in campsites under the trees that the BLM has limited camping to one night every 14 days. A more troubling problem involves murder. In 2014 a man killed his father then drove to the beach at 1:00 AM and started shooting at the vehicles in the lot. One man died. Two years later, a man was found shot in his van. The killer has not been found. That made us really hesitate about camping at the beach but we decided to go look and make a decision.  It seemed okay and we didn’t get any creepy feelings so we stayed. Only a few people were camping although many people came during the day to walk on the beach or surf. We would camp here again but I can understand how other campers might feel very uneasy.




Beach   43.35005, -124.34097



  1. If we stay there, I won't tell Marcia about the murder and shootings until we leave...