Sunday, June 18, 2017

Albany Historic Carousel & Museum


  Fourteen years of work has gone into creating dozens of beautifully hand carved animals in the style of early 1900s Dentzel carousel animals. An antique 1909 Dentzel carousel mechanism was donated and has been refurbished. The project started as a revitalization effort for downtown Albany with everything done by volunteers. They’re doing a wonderful job!

        IMG_5113IMG_5120                   IMG_5121

  The carousel building is almost complete and the animals that are finished will be installed on the carousel in July. The building will also have a gift shop and museum. Since all of the animals are not finished and repairs will be constant a workshop will be located on the lower level.


  The location where we visited to see the animals being carved will not be used once the carousel is in operation so I don’t have any information about accessibility or parking but parking should be available on the streets.  Carousel    44.63726, -123.11029


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