Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Billy Tripp's Mindfield

  Billy Tripp has been building this massive work of art since 1989. He adds to it as he finds interesting, discarded pieces of metal and has included bridge trusses, building girders, screw conveyors, railroad track rails, a water tower and fire towers.  
There isn’t any information at the site so it’s up to each visitor to form their own opinion about the message that Billy Tripp wants to convey with his sculpture. We just enjoyed looking at it and didn’t try to figure it out. :-) A fence surrounds the sculpture and buildings block access to the east side and the back so it’s a little hard to see all of it. The Food Giant parking lot to the west of the sculpture is large enough for RVs. Parking is also available in the lot on South Monroe Ave.
Mindfield   35.59381, -89.26647


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    1. Thanks Danny! See you in Bloggerland next year! :-)