Friday, April 1, 2016

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

  The museum building has been built to surround slabs of sandstone containing 1000s of dinosaur tracks that were discovered when the owner of the land, Dr. Sheldon Johnson, began leveling the property in 2000.  Dr. Johnson donated the land to the city so that the tracks could be conserved and studied.

  The museum is fairly small with a lot of detailed information about the species of dinosaurs that made the tracks and the conditions that had to be present for the tracks to form. Tracks from other animals such as horseshoe crabs and centipedes have also been found.

  The museum is accessible but most of the walkways have a up or down slope.

The parking lot is small. Short RVs will fit. It may be possible to park longer RVs in the bus spaces.
Museum     37.1013, -113.53446


  1. Utah certainly has some interesting sites! Thanx for sharing this one.

    1. We love Utah! The scenery is gorgeous!