Saturday, April 2, 2016

McQuarrie Memorial Museum

   St. George was founded in 1861 by members of the LDS church who were sent by Brigham Young to establish a  cotton growing community. Cotton was grown for about 50 years but was never a successful crop. The museum has information about growing cotton and raising silk worms along with donated artifacts including examples of beautiful needlework and many portraits of early settlers. Little written information is provided but the volunteers are very helpful. Photography is not permitted.

  The museum is accessible. The lower level is accessed by a ramp. Call the number posted on the sign or have a member of your party alert the volunteers. The ground floor door is accessed by following the sidewalk around the front of the building to the opposite side.

   RVs can be parked in the spots at the rear of the museum.
Museum      37.11045, -113.58147

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