Monday, April 11, 2016

John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum

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   In 1869 John Wesley Powell led an expedition down the Green River in Wyoming to the Colorado River and through the rapids of the Grand Canyon. The trip took three months and was the first recorded passage through the entirety of the Grand Canyon.

  The museum is not just about Powell. The canyon attracted miners and adventurers. The sport of river running started in the early 1900s and stories of many of the early “river rats” are featured in the museum. The geology of the canyon, fossilized dinosaur tracks, life in Page while the dam was being built and Native American culture is also covered.

  The museum is accessible.

  RVs will fit in the parking lot but if it’s full parking is also available  one block north on 7th Ave. A free dump and fresh water is located on 7th Ave. too.
Museum    36.91922, -111.45978

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