Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jerome State Historic Park

    In 1916 James S. Douglas, owner of the Little Daisy Mine in Jerome, built this mansion which was designed to house visiting mining officials as well as his family. It’s an austere building with some unusual features. The floors are concrete, the walls are adobe brick and it had steam heat, electricity and a central vacuum system. The mansion is now a museum with displays that include information about the Douglas family, the town of Jerome, copper mining artifacts, a mineral collection and a 3-D model of the underground mines. An interesting 30 minute video runs continuously.

  The first floor of the museum is accessible. The double doors at the entrance are narrow so both may need to be opened to provide  wheelchair  access. The grounds where mining equipment is located are surfaced with loose gravel so rolling is a little difficult.

  The parking lot has two RV spaces long enough for a 30’ RV.

  Jerome is a popular tourist town with art galleries, shops and restaurants. The road to Jerome from either direction is narrow and winding so you may not want to drive your RV but if you do, a RV parking lot is located at the north end of Main Street. A sidewalk leads to the center of town. Many of the shops at the north end have accessible entrances.
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