Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fort Clatsop National Memorial

  In November of 1805, nearly 19 months after Lewis and Clark started their journey in quest of an easy passage across the country and information about the newly acquired territory, they reached the Pacific Ocean. A small simple fort was built to provide shelter over the winter for the 33 people in the party. The next 3 1/2 months were spent making moccasins and buckskin clothing, evaporating seawater to make salt, smoking meat, working on journals, and getting wet. It took them only seven months to make the return journey to St. Louis.

  The memorial includes a replica of the fort, a visitor center, and 8 miles of trails.
  The visitor center is accessible. The trail to the fort is paved for a short distance then becomes dirt with wood chips and is hard to push along. The fort has one room with an entrance that is even with the ground. The section of the Netul River Trail that goes to Canoe Landing is steep and not accessible however if you drive south on Fort Clatsop Road to the Netul Landing parking lot the trail north along the river is flat, hard packed dirt and very accessible.
  Long RV spaces are available at the visitor center and at Netul Landing.  Park
  46.13467, -123.88148

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