Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boondocking along Hwy 1


  We weren’t concerned about the closed campgrounds at Glacier National Park because with all of the wilderness we figured we’d be able to find some good free camping. We found a couple of beauties! The spot pictured above is between Revelstoke and Glacier.

Turn north onto the gravel forest road at the east end of the bridge over the Illecillewaet River. Drive about 1/4 mile on the road until it opens into a large clearing. The road is narrow and a little overgrown but any RV should be able to get to the clearing. The road deteriorates about 1/2 mile in and is closed to street vehicles. The rushing of the river drowns out most of the traffic noise.

   If you have a small, high clearance vehicle some more very nice spots can be accessed by going just past the clearing and making a left at the fork. Go down the hill and you’ll come to an area that looks like it was a campground at one time. Large flat spots are nestled under a canopy of trees. We didn’t take our RV down the hill but we did walk in as far as the camp area.The road continues but we don’t know how far.


  We saw many piles of bear scat so practice safe food preparation and storage.  51.146174, -117.845500      BC Recreation Sites

  The second spot was found by our friend Gary. While we were in BC we were able to get together with him and his girlfriend Sharon and had a great time visiting. As an experienced  RVer and a BC native, he suggested this spot for us to check out. Thanks Gary!




  Traveling east along Hwy 1, look for the right turn just after the truck rest area. The road is signed as unmaintained but it’s in fairly good condition. It’s used by the Glacier Rafting Company. After traveling about 3/4 mile downhill the road levels out at a very large, grassy clearing. Another grassy clearing is located on the opposite side of the road. A large, rocky clearing is farther down the road and then a small rocky clearing and river access. The river floods the rocky beach so don’t camp there. The train tracks are on the other side of the river so expect some noise.

  The road is narrow and a bit steep. Large RVs should be able to navigate it because the raft company buses use it

  Several rafting companies use this area for lunch breaks. There are no signs prohibiting camping and no signs marking any of it as closed to the public. Don’t use the porta potties, picnic tables and grills that the rafting companies have provided for their customers. 51.263806, -116.745423



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    1. Both of these spots are so nice. I highly recommend them if you travel to the parks.