Friday, November 22, 2013

Johnstown Flood Museum

  On May 31, 1889, after several days of steady rain the South Fork Dam, located 14 miles upstream from Johnstown burst, unleashing a thirty foot wall of water and debris that hit the city at 40 MPH. Over 2,000 people died, 1,600 homes were destroyed, and four square miles of downtown were reduced to rubble.

   Museum visitors can see the path of the flood waters on a multimedia relief map, view photographs and artifacts from the flood, and watch a short award winning film. Located next to the museum and opened for touring is a renovated prefab house, one of the many that were brought to Johnstown as temporary housing for flood victims.

  Everything is accessible. The wheelchair seating in the theater is very close to the screen but the movie is still viewable.

  Follow the signs for parking. The lot is large enough for any RV. Wheelchair users will probably need to have some help due to rough curb cuts, steep sidewalks, and crosswalks with crossing lights that do not work. If possible it may be best to get dropped off at the entrance.  Museum
40.32779, -78.92039

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