Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Yuma Airshow 2023

The Marine Corp has the smallest air force of the US armed forces so the airshow isn't as spectacular or large as some of the shows put on by other branches of the military. I think it was larger before coronavirus caused the show to be canceled in 2020, 2021, and 2022 so maybe in the future it will be larger again. 

Parking on the base is very limited and too small for RVs. Preferred parking on the base is $40 and general parking is free with shuttle service to and from the parking lot to the show entrance. Entry is by vehicle only and adults must have some type of photo ID.

Many people chose to park in the Yuma County Fairgrounds parking lot instead of going to the base. The planes fly directly over the parking lot and there's a good view of the runways. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos. Of course the ground displays are not visible from the fairgrounds lot but everything else is including the demonstration of the USMC F-35B as it hovers, and takes off and lands vertically. Airshow  32.6698, -114.59304


  1. Hi there, wondered if you were still in the desert. Bet it was noisy at the airshow!

    1. Yes, it was noisy! Did you notice the people in the first photograph holding their ears? I'm enjoying your river trip posts!