Tuesday, March 21, 2023

West Wetlands Park.

The wetlands was a city dump until it was closed in 1970. The plan to make it into a wetland habitat and recreation area required grants from many organizations and years of work before it finally opened in 2002 for local residents and visitors to enjoy. Improvement continue to be made and the park includes picnic shelters, a pond, walking and biking trails, native gardens, a beach, boat ramp, and the coolest playground ever made.

Trails running east and west parallel each other so it's easy to loop around on different trails. The trail next to the road is paved. The others are hard packed dirt. One follows close to the river. Another runs along a ridge. The paved trail continues east for a couple of miles to East Wetlands Park which remains in a more natural state.

The paved trail is accessible. The dirt trails are accessible but wheelchair users may need assistance in spots where the dirt is loose. All of the trails are fairly level.

The parking lots are large enough for RVs.

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