Friday, October 29, 2021

West Branch Trail

  The West Branch Trail travels 4.5 along a narrow greenway beside the west branch of the Nimishillen Creek and connects seven little parks. We parked in a lot on Stadium Park Drive NW, south of 12th Street NW, and walked/ rolled about a mile south before turning around.
  We were puzzled by the giant blue whale at our turnaround spot but a quick google search solved the mystery. This was the site of Mother Goose Land, a children’s park, that was built the 1950s and dismantled in the 1980s. The whale was too heavy to move. An attempt to revitalize the park in 2014 appears to have failed but it did result in the creation of a somewhat creepy mural along the park wall.
  The path is hard packed finely crushed stone. For the most part rolling is easy but there are a few spots where the stones are larger and loosely packed.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.  Park  40.80738, -81.39126


  1. Walking/rolling trails are good, even this one with the creepy mural!