Thursday, October 21, 2021

Kingwood Center Gardens Mansion

  We visited the gardens in 2015. At that time the mansion was only open on the weekends so we didn’t get to visit it. It’s now open every day and since we were passing close by we stopped to see it.

  The mansion was built in 1926 by Charles Kelley King. King started working at Ohio Brass in 1893 as the first electrical engineer and rose to position of president. The innovations and new ventures that he brought to the company allowed him to amass the fortune that built the mansion.

  The museum is accessible. The tiny elevator that accesses the second floor has a very narrow door and no room to turn around. It does not always stop at the right spot and may leave a high step up.
  The parking lot is large enough for RVs. Garden  40.76198, -82.54866

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