Saturday, July 24, 2021

Sitka Sedge Natural Area

The 357 acres of tidal marsh, mudflats, dunes, forested wetlands, and uplands at the south end of the Sand Lake estuary was being considered for a development that would have included a destination style golf course community with a hotel, timeshare condos and a restaurant. Fortunately the plan didn’t pass due to zoning restrictions and wetland protection laws.

  In 2014 the property was bought by the Oregon Park Department. A portion of the land had been farmed for over 80 years and a dike holds back the tidal waters. Plans are in the works to allow water to flow back into the farmland.

   The trail runs along the top of the dike before entering the forest, passing along the dunes with paths going to the beach and then looping back to the dike trail.

The dike trail is flat and accessible. The rest of the trail is not accessible with many very difficult obstacles -  large roots, steep hills and soft sand.
       The parking lot is small but if it’s not busy it may be possible to park long RVs across the spaces. Trail  45.26275, -123.95439



  1. I'm disappointed. I think it would have looked better as a Trump golf resort. The gold-plated urinals would be perfect. But maybe that's just me.

  2. Funny how often people tell me that.

  3. I think Jimmy and I need to head up this way, if we can get RV sites (that's the hard part!) I'd love to try this trail.

    1. The weather is a lot cooler,that's for sure!
      If you can do without electricity, there are always spaces at the Port of Tillamook Bay RV Park.
      It's a good central location for day trips. When the wind blows from the wrong direction you'll smell the dairy farms but it's not too bad.
      Also a Harvest Host site just up the road - Blue Heron French Cheese Company