Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Truckee River Legacy Trail

  There are three access points with parking along this 4.4 mile paved trail.  The Truckee River Regional Park provides assess at the west end, about mile east there’s parking at the Riverview Sports Park, and at the east end there’s a lot along Glenshire Drive. All of the lots are large enough for RV parking.

  We parked at the Riverview Sports Park. Look for the paved trail through the playing fields. After a few turns the trail intersects with the River Trail. The trail has a slight grade going east and a steep grade with switchbacks at the far east end.

  This is a quiet, peaceful trail with river views and steep dirt paths down to the river. Trail  39.32824, -120.15568


  1. Pretty country.
    (I didn't really have anything to say, I just wanted you to know someone was watching and enjoying! :-)

  2. We've done all the Legacy Trail, first from Glenview, and then from the Sports Park. It's a well-used and neat trail to be on. We learned some things, too, from the signboards placed trailside.