Friday, November 20, 2020

Snowbird Mesa

Also know as Poverty Flats. Ownership of the piece of land is in question. It’s not BLM land as many people assume. It may be Bureau of Reclamation due to it’s proximity to Lake Mead but the most realist possibility is that it’s private land owned by the Simplot Company which has a silica plant a few miles north. As long as the campers don’t cause any problems Simplot welcomes them to stay. Some people stay for several months in the winter.
  There are two separate areas. One is up on the mesa with sweeping views of the highway, mountains, and the town of Overton. The other is a large flat area that looks like the preferred spot for people with long RVs but the slight hill to the mesa top should be doable with most RVs. This place is huge and I can’t imagine that it ever gets to the point of feeling crowded. Snowbird Mesa   36.48502, -114.44556


  1. One time I found a spot right at the edge of the mesa. Great view! I soon learned why the spot might've been available. The started howling up the side of the mesa, rocking the van. i relocated away from the edge, in calmer air.

    1. I saw some reviews that mentioned the wind. :-D
      We lucked out and got a calm day.

  2. Nothing like blowin' away in the wind! RV's LOVE wind (not!).