Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tombstone Arizona & the O.K. Corral

  Tombstone was founded in 1879 two years after Ed Schieffelin discovered a vein of silver ore close to the surface and easy to mine. By 1881 6,000 miners were working around the clock in the mills and mines, generating more than $168,000 a week (approximately $4,273,800 today) in income. Five years later a series of misfortunes  – water in the mines, a fire that destroyed a pumping engine and a drop in the price of silver – turned Tombstone into a semi ghost town almost overnight.

  Tombstone probably would have settled into being just another almost deserted old mining town except for the public fascination with the story of the gunfight between the Earp brothers (on the side of the law) and a gang of cattle rustlers known as the Cowboys.  A 30-second shootout took place on October 26, 1881, resulting in three dead Cowboys and three wounded lawmen. Numerous documentaries, movies, novels, and television shows have been based on the story.

   If you visit Tombstone it’s obligatory to go to the reenactment of the gunfight. ;- ) It’s hokey but fun. Admission also includes a historama show, five small buildings with artifacts and displays, and a copy of a 1880’s newspaper.

   Most of the O.K. Corral site is accessible. The outside display area is surfaced with gravel and can be a bit difficult to push through. The gunfight stage has bleacher seating without any open spaces for wheelchairs so visitors in wheelchairs block access to some of the steps.

   RV parking is on South 6th Street. It’s a gravel lot and downhill from the main street. Most of the other lots are marked “ No RV Parking”.  We found a parking space on one of the side streets but this will probably not be possible during busy times.

O.K. Corral   31.71296, -110.06759



  1. It is a lot of fun. The last time we were there we met a actor from our home town. we had a great talk and learn about the show and some good places to eat. One was from Philadelphia that just opened. And being from close to there we had to check out the Philly cheese steak. It pretty good and located on one of the side streets.Cant help you with the name. Safe travels.

    1. Good thing he was from Philadelphia! We've has some Philly cheese steaks in different parts of the country that just were not right. :-D
      Have a good Christmas in sunny Florida!

  2. Karen and Tony...I am so terribly disappointed. You are almost to Tucson and unfortunately, I am on my way to San Diego for Christmas. We seem to frequently barely miss each other. I will watch your progress and hope we yet might cross paths. Merry Christmas--Toni Larson

    1. Hi Toni, I was thinking the same thing! Here we are almost to Tucson and it's too close to Christmas to arrange a get together. We'll manage it someday!
      Have a Merry Christmas!