Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Angel Lake

  A subalpine lake is not what you expect to find in Nevada but this is high country, 8,500’ in elevation, almost 3,000’ higher than the little town of Wells where you leave the interstate and start the climb along narrow, winding roads. What a beautiful place!  There are a few trails to hike, fields of wildflowers and a stocked lake that is popular with fishermen. National Park access and senior passes are accepted at the campgrounds but not at the lake which has a $5.00 day fee.


  There are two forest campgrounds. Angel Lake Campground near the base of the mountain wasn’t opened for the season. We stayed in Angel Creek which is about 2000’ lower. The view is gorgeous from almost every site.

  A short accessible paved trail follows the southern edge of the lake. Angel Creek Campground has a site marked as accessible. It is not close to the toilets but it is fairly level and has an extended table top and a fire ring with high sides.

  The road from Angel Creek to Angel Lake has many curves and no guard rails. If you have a large RV camp at Angel Creek and drive your car to the lake.

Angel Lake   41.02668, -115.08482



  1. Looks like a place on my to see list.

    1. You'll love it! There may be some good boondocking spots too. We saw a dirt road that was in pretty good condition but we didn't drive up it to see if there were any camping spots.

  2. Beautiful...nice to see cool stops in Nevada!!

  3. Beautiful...nice to see cool stops in Nevada!!