Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mead Botanical Garden

   If you’re in the area this is a nice little park to visit but don’t make a special trip. The park has a large camellia garden, a couple of small flower gardens that are a little overgrown, a short section of paved bike trail, interconnecting dirt trails that wander through the woods, a beautiful performance stage which looks like it doesn’t gets a lot of use and a boardwalk in need of much repair work.

  Most of the park is not accessible due to soft ground and slopes.

  RVs can be parked lengthwise across the parking spaces. Watch for low hanging branches.  Garden
28.58411, -81.35809


  1. It's frustrating when a prior beautiful place starts to loose its luster...perhaps some day someone will step up and restore this little place. --Dave

  2. They appear to have lots of plans but they must be lacking either the money, the manpower or both. The stage is so nice that it's a shame if it doesn't get used. It would be a wonderful place to volunteer - a little work would go a long way.!