Monday, November 19, 2018

Teec Nos Pos Trading Post


  Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is a traditional trading post, one of few still in existence.  Local people depend on it for daily supplies so the store is stocked with fresh and frozen groceries, canned goods, tools, pots and pans, and everything else that can be found in a larger store plus tee shirts, snacks, and dream catchers for the tourists. Beautiful Navaho handmade rugs and flat coiled baskets, silver and turquoise jewelry, and Hopi kachinas are located in two rooms on the right side of the store. They also sell gas, propane, coal, and hay. This is an interesting article -azcentral - about the store which has been in business since 1905 and in this location since 1958.

  The store is accessible.

   The parking lot is large enough for any RV. The trading post is a Harvest Hosts site so members can stay overnight. We parked at the far end of the wall in front of the store but I think that the preferred spot is to the right of the hay storage area. Teec Nos Pos   36.91947, -109.08369



  1. I've been past there twice but never thought of stopping. Next time, for certain.

    1. We didn't get to meet John McCulloch, the owner, but it sounds like he's a just a good, down to earth guy. The rugs, baskets and jewelry that he buys from the Navajo are wonderfully crafted - makes you wish for the room and the money to start a collection. :-)