Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Museum of the Grand Prairie


  Hands-on exhibits makes this a fun museum for kids. There are three main areas with stories of settling and farming on the prairie, a well stocked blacksmith shop with tools used by the Chesebro family for 40 years, and a trip through nearly 20 years of Abraham Lincoln’s life as he practiced law on the 8th judicial circuit in Illinois.



  The main level is accessible. The blacksmith shop level has a roll on stair lift. The Lincoln exhibit level has a small elevator type lift. Both require a key and assistance from the museum staff.

   The Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden is located at the rear of the museum. I believe the paths are paved and connect to paved paths that circle through the park but due to rainy weather we did not check them out.

The parking lot is large enough for RVs. The park roads have a low weight limit so it may not be possible to drive RVs farther than the parking lot.  Museum   40.20567, -88.39384



  1. You guys are such travelers! Now you're in Illinois?
    Sounds like a fun museum.

    1. We traveling a little faster than we usually do because we have to get to PA for our yearly appointments. I hate zipping past interesting places!

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