Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Gardens at Heather Farm


   The gardens are located on the southwest edge of Heather Farm Park. Many varieties of roses form a focal point in the garden’s center with paths winding up the hillside through everything from native plantings to a fall pumpkin patch. The garden area is small but more paths circle the lakes in the park and connect to the 14 mile Contra Costa Trail. The Contra Costa Trail connects to the Iron Horse Regional Trail which is 27 miles.

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  The rose garden paths are paved, level, and accessible. The hillside paths are paved but steep so wheelchair users may need assistance. The main park paths are paved and level. Secondary paths are hard packed dirt. The Contra Costa Trail is wide and paved.

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   The garden entrance is not marked well. There’s a long narrow parking lot off of Marchbanks Dr. which is at the top of the hill so it’s best to park in the Swim Center lot off of Heather Drive. Plenty of room but it might fill in the summer. The path to the garden starts at the far end of the lot.  Gardens  37.91831, -122.04215


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