Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sequoia Park Zoo


  Farm animals and birds are the most numerous animals in this small zoo but there are few more exotic types such as red pandas and bush dogs. Tall redwood trees and massive stumps provide a nice backdrop and all of the animals and their surroundings are very well cared for. The displays in the activity center are interesting and informative.




    Most of the paths are paved. Many of the animal enclosures have railings at a height that blocks the view for visitors in wheelchairs. The activity center is accessible.

   The zoo is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and does not have a parking lot but ample parking is available on the street.  Zoo   40.77687, -124.14456


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  1. Zoo also has flamingo's and a rare herd of Chacoan peccaries! There is a lot to see and the river otters are very entertaining. Cafe is great and there are some wonderful, unique items in the gift shop. Well worth a visit!