Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mendocino County Museum


  This is a great little local museum with nicely done exhibits featuring interesting, sometimes sad and sometimes amusing stories as told by local people. One exhibit gives a detailed account of the clashes between the Native American tribes and the settlers which included kidnapping the Native children to be used as slave labor.  Another exhibit (enclosed behind glass which makes it hard to see and photograph) is a converted step van that served as rolling home for Andree Connors, writer and poet, who came to Mendocino in the 1970s. 


   Logging and railroad equipment is located on the grounds. Most of it is behind a chain link fence so it can only be viewed from a distance.


  Look for the giant fiberglass lumberjack at Lumberjack's Restaurant on the south end of town.


Museum    39.41274, -123.34599



  1. Hello. I work for the museum where Andree Connors' van is housed. Looking for Andree, wondering if there is more about her that may7 be entered into our archives, perhaps add to van description and her memorabilia. Thanks!
    Ruthanne Mendocino County Museum

    1. Ruthanne, I'm sorry but I have no other information. I was fascinated by the step van and went looking for more about Andree and the most that I could find was this website -