Thursday, May 25, 2017

Humboldt Redwoods State Park


  Humboldt Redwoods State Park encompasses a 31 mile portion of old Highway 101 and preserves old growth redwoods which can be more than 300’ tall. The road through the park is a patchwork of awe inspiring mature forest, impressive newer growth, and areas cleared for resorts and farmland.  Logging came late to northern California but by 1921 it was obvious to the founders of Save the Redwoods League that something had to be done so they began raising money to buy groves of redwoods from private owners. They established more than 1000 redwood memorial groves which are located throughout California. Signs along the road name the individuals or organizations who have donated money to save a grove.



   The drive along the Avenue of the Giants is very scenic with  opportunities for short hikes. Many of the trails are fairly level with hard packed dirt and are designated as accessible. The visitor center is accessible. The campgrounds have accessible sites but since we did not stay in a campground I can not verify the level of accessibility. Check HERE for more information.IMG_3993


  The road is narrow with tight curves so driving along it with a large RV may be difficult. Many of the pull offs are too small for large RVs. The visitor center has long parking spaces along the road. The campsites are limited to RVs and trailers 24’ and under.


 Park  40.30819, -123.90869



  1. Humboldt Redwoods St Pk is one of our favorite spots on earth. You guys still heading north?

    1. Yes, slowly. We're staying around Eureka for the weekends so that we can go to the Kinetic Festival

  2. Love the redwoods. So majestic. Safe travels.

    1. Think of the tales they could tell. :-)
      Safe travels to you too. Glad you could get back on the road again this year.