Saturday, May 13, 2017

History Park at Kelly Park


  History Park is a collection of 32 relocated and reconstructed buildings that have been arranged to appear as a small town might have in the early 1900s. A few of the buildings are opened on weekends and for special events. During the week, morning hours are reserved for school groups with general public visitation hours in the afternoon. We visited on a Monday afternoon and the only building opened was the Vietnamese Museum. The interpretation is in Vietnamese so ask one of the friendly volunteers if you have questions. Most of the buildings have interpretive signs and it’s possible to peek in the windows to see the furnishings and artifacts.





  The streets, sidewalks and curb cuts are in good condition. The signs are easy to view. Most of the buildings have ramps. The Vietnamese Museum has a ramp in the rear and although museum is a little crowded it is accessible.



   We parked in the small, free parking area on Phelan Ave. next to the History Park entrance, parking across several spaces to fit. Kelly Park has several larger parking lots which have a daily fee.

  Park   37.31904, -121.85761


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