Saturday, December 3, 2016

Presidential Museum

   Forty two small panels ( Barack Obama isn’t included yet) give accounts of the life and accomplishments of each president. Larger displays cover important newsworthy events and cases hold campaign buttons and other memorabilia.Two collections have been donated to the museum – 42 small dolls representing each First Lady wearing exact copies of the inaugural gowns, and 36 mosaic portraits of the presidents. The house that George H. W. and Barbara Bush lived in for a year when George W. was a baby is located on the grounds and is opened by appointment only.
  The museum is accessible but some of the items in the cases are hard to view from a seated position. Touch screens have been mounted behind the cases and are impossible to reach from a wheelchair.

   The parking lots are large enough for RVs. Use the east lot if your RV is long.
Museum   31.88255, -102.31904


  1. Obama will probably never be included. (Two terms and he still isn't in it??????)

    1. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now and assuming that once Obama is out of office they'll include him. Each president is covered very briefly so they might want to wait before writing about him and his administration.