Sunday, December 4, 2016

Permian Basin Stonehenge

  We’ve visited other stonehenge replicas (not the real one though) and this one is the most accurate representation with all of the stones in the correct spots, even many of the ones that have fallen. It will take years of weathering for the stones to lose their sharp edges and drill scars to better match the ancient ones. The replica is a bit shorter than the original but exact in horizontal size and astronomically accurate. The Heel Stone, which marks the summer solstice, is located across Preston Smith Road.

  A sidewalk circles the replica. It doesn’t fit flush to the ground so there’s a slight step up from the parking lot. The interpretive signs are at a good level for easy reading.

  Signs at the parking lot entrance request that visitors obtain a parking permit. We stopped for about 15 minutes and took a chance and didn’t get one. The parking lot is large enough for RVs.

Stonehenge   31.89133, -102.32639



  1. This looks like fun!. I want to go there. Thanks

    1. It is pretty cool! Visiting for the summer solstice would be fun, if you can stand Texas heat!