Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

  There’s a lot of variety in this museum and all of it is very nicely done. The outdoor section known as the “South Twenty” has corrals and barns sheltering different breeds of cattle, sheep, and goats raised in New Mexico. Many pieces of antique farm equipment are also on display.
  The indoor galleries cover the history of the area beginning with the Mogollon tribes who began farming in New Mexico several thousand years ago. Spanish settlers arrived in the 1600s and were soon joined by Anglo settlers from the US and Europe. Artifacts and wonderful period photographs round out the stories of  these diverse groups of people. Several galleries feature changing exhibits keeping with the theme of farming, ranching, and rural life. It’s easy to miss sections of the museum so make sure to explore all corners of the building.

  The outdoor exhibits are partly accessible. The main path is paved. The other paths are surfaced with loose gravel that is very hard to push through.  A shuttle tour is available but it does not appear to be accessible. The indoor galleries are accessible.

  The parking lot is large but there aren’t any long spaces so RVs must be parked lengthwise across the car spaces.
Museum   32.29974, -106.72181
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