Monday, December 12, 2016

International Museum of Art

   William and Iva Turney, early residents of El Paso, donated their 1908 antebellum style home to house the museum’s collections. The donated collections on the first floor, which feature articles from around the globe, are interesting but lack good interpretive labels. The lower level has an art gallery, a replica of a Mexican casita and an exhibit about the Mexican revolution.

  The museum is accessible. Visitors using wide wheelchairs may not be able to access the elevator to the exhibits on the lower level due to a narrow area near the staircase.  A very plush carpet in the lower level art gallery makes pushing difficult.

  Short RVs will fit in the parking lot. Longer RV can be parked on the street.    Museum    31.77098, -106.48203



  1. If you get to Roswell, NM I think you would enjoy THE ANDERSON MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART at 33.409066, -104.517077

    1. Thanks for the tip! We're staying south and heading to Quartzsite but next time we'd be sure to stop there!