Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chamizal National Memorial

   In 1848, after the end of the Mexican-American War, the Rio Grande, running from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico, marked the border between the two countries. Shifts in the river’s path often caused disputes about ownership of the land. In the 1890s a 400 acre finger of Mexican land that jutted into the US was left an island after a flood control channel sliced it through the middle. Ownership of the island was contested for over fifty years until President Kennedy and the Mexican President, Adolfo Mayeos, signed a treaty agreeing to confine the river in a channel and return the land to Mexico. A small portion that remained on the US side of the river is now the memorial park.

  The park has walking trails, an amphitheater, and a culture center with a performance theater, an art gallery and a small historic display. A beautiful mural covers the exterior walls of the cultural center and another is located in the lobby.


  The cultural center is accessible. The trails are packed gravel and may have soft spots.

  RVs will fit in the lot.  Park    31.76792, -106.45594


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