Friday, December 2, 2016

Alley Oop Park and Museum


   We knew Alley Opp from the song but were surprised to discover that the comic strip still appears in more than 600 newspapers, although not by the original artist, V.T. Hamlin, who died in 1993. In the 1920s Hamlin worked as an illustrator for west Texas oil companies and became interested in paleontology which led to the creation of a comic strip about caveman Alley Opp and his dinosaur Dinny.

   The Alley Oop Park and museum were built to celebrate Hamlin’s 65th birthday in 1965. The park has a 65’ concrete dinosaur and a big metal Alley Oop head – great photo opportunities. :-) The little museum, which has exhibits on the history of the area, was closed when we visited.

  The park has a paved walk to the dinosaur and the museum. The museum has a ramp and should be accessible.

The parking lot is large enough for any RV.

Museum    30.91662, -101.90826


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