Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kenedy Ranch Museum

  Mifflin Kenedy and Richard King, of King Ranch fame, were both river boat captains in the 1850s and partners in a steamship company. They also joined together to buy a portion of the Santa Gertrudis Ranch in 1860. The ranch partnership ended in 1869 and Kenedy bought and sold other ranchland before settling on the 400,000 acres of La Parra Ranch in 1882. The Kenedy family business interests included oil wells, railroad development, and real estate investments. When the last living relative, Sarita Kenedy East, Mifflin’s granddaughter, died in 1961 the ranch was turned over to the Kenedy Memorial Foundation, “a non-profit corporation that supports and funds mostly Catholic, educational, charitable, and religious activities primarily in South Texas”.

   The  Kenedy Ranch Museum tells a much more balanced and interesting story than the King Ranch Museum.  Information about the families who were the originally Spanish land grants owners, personal stories about Kennedy family members, and details about the other family ventures add a lot to the museum.  A short paved trail loops with interpretive signs make a loop around the grounds.
   Ramped access is located in the rear of the building. The interior and exterior displays are accessible.

   RVs can be parked along the street.
Museum     27.22175, -97.79134

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