Monday, November 21, 2016

King Ranch Museum

  Most likely everyone in Texas knows about the legendary King Ranch but all we knew were that some Ford trucks have a King Ranch logo on the fender and cost a ridiculous amount of money. So we went to the museum and learned that in 1853  Richard King, a river boat captain who amassed a tidy sum transporting goods during the US war with Mexico, brought a Spanish land grant in southern Texas. Over the years he and his business partners continued to buy land and now the King Ranch is the largest ranch in Texas at 1,289 sq miles or 825,000 acres.

  The ranch is still in the King family and the family business has branched out to include horse breeding, farming, citrus groves, pecan groves, hunting camps, oil drilling and retail stores selling hardware, leather goods and farm equipment.

  The museum is one large room with very few artifacts. Watch the video (which is basically a promotional film) to get the story of the ranch. Due to small size of the museum and a lack of information we thought that the admission price was too high even with a buy one/get one coupon. 

  The main floor is accessible. The second floor which is a balcony level is accessed by steps only. A photo book of the displays is not provided.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.

Ranch    27.51983, -97.86774

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